Baazi247 Online Casinos Commitment to Safe Gaming

We want you to have no issues at all while playing these games. The vast majority of people have no issues whatsoever with self-control, but for a small percentage of people, staking can be a genuine issue. If you believe this to be the case, contact our customer support team through email or phone to address your concerns. Our customer service team is here to assist you if necessary and is well-versed in all facets of responsible betting.

Is Gambling a Problem for You?

Asking yourself the subsequent questions can help you determine whether staking is taking over your (or someone else’s) life:

  1. Do you skip jobs, school, or college to gamble?
  2. Do you withhold your staking winnings from friends and family?
  3. Do you gamble to pass the time or get through a bad day?
  4. Have your loved ones or friends ever called your betting bad?
  5. Have you ever made up a story to hide how much time or money you spent staking?
  6. Do you feel pressure to make up lost ground as soon as possible after losing?
  7. Do you gamble till you have no money left?
  8. Have you stolen, lied, or borrowed money to fund your betting habit or settle a staking debt?
  9. Are you more likely to turn to betting during disputes, frustrations, wrath, or disappointments?
  10. Do your staking habits make you feel unhappy or even suicidal?

You most certainly have a staking issue if the answer is yes. The more “yes” responses you provide to the aforementioned questions, the greater the likelihood that you have a significant betting problem.


Total self-exclusion is an option if you believe you would prefer to totally abstain from playing. By email, live assistance, or phone contact, a player can ask to be excluded. Please be aware that exclusion requests submitted by phone, live chat, or email won’t be processed until the player’s material has been thoroughly validated.

Minor Gambling

You must be at least 18 years old or of legal betting age in your place of residence in order to create a profile with us. Underage gambling is prohibited, thus it’s against the law to try to place a bet or create a profile to do so. We have sophisticated systems and technology in place to conduct electronic age verification checks on all of our customers since we take our responsibilities in this regard seriously. It’s possible that more paperwork, like a copy of your passport or license, will be needed. All money you invested will be returned to you, and no winnings will be paid out, if it is discovered that you are under 18 or the legal staking age in your country of residency.

Child Protection Tools

A few third-party programmes are available that can be used to keep an eye on or limit how the device’s Internet access is utilized. These can be used by parents or guardians to prevent kids from accessing inappropriate or illegal websites. Among them are:

Children are shielded from inappropriate web content by the Net Nanny filtering software:

Parents can add their own websites to restrict using the CYBERsitter filtering programme: